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本文摘要:What can be said about Apple Inc.s upcoming iPhones?对苹果(Apple Inc.)将要问世的新iPhone有什么可以说道说道的?


What can be said about Apple Inc.s upcoming iPhones?对苹果(Apple Inc.)将要问世的新iPhone有什么可以说道说道的?What we do know is that the companys suppliers in Asia are working simultaneously on two models. One is a higher-end design with a metal shell, the other a lower-performance one with non-metal shells in multiple colors, which sounds reminiscent of the route it went with iPods.我们显然告诉的是,苹果在亚洲的供应商正在同时研发两种款型的iPhone手机。其中一款更为高端,有金属外壳;而另外一款功能较为简单的手机则没金属外壳,不过这款手机有多种颜色可供选择。


这种强弱配上使人不已返回想苹果当年在iPod上用过的策略。Launch dates havent been finalized, but The Wall Street Journal reports it could be possibly summer for the upmarket phone, as people familiar with the situation say production will begin this quarter. The lower-cost one is being developed simultaneously but will likely come to the market later.虽然新款iPhone的发售时间仍未最后确认,但据《华尔街日报》报导,其中的那款高档手机有可能在今年夏天面市,因为据知情人士说道,这款手机的生产工作将于本季度开始。而那款成本较低的手机也正在研发之中,但面市的时间预计会晚一些。

Rumors of a larger-sized iPhone seem unfounded for now, despite ripples that Apple might cave into the trend for big screens (and despite fears that the phones may stretch forever more .) This is not just because of Apples philosophy that a smartphone should be small enough to control with one hand, but due to economics, too. One person with direct knowledge of the projects explains that the company gains advantages of scale by sticking with the 4-inch screen size of the current iteration, so it has no plans to change phone dimensions this year.尽管据说苹果可能会屈服于大屏幕手机受到消费者青睐的市场潮流(虽然早已有人担忧手机的屏幕可能会显得更加大),但到目前为止,有关苹果将发售屏幕较小iPhone的传言或许还无法获得证实。苹果不发售大屏幕手机不仅是因为它向来恪守智能手机应当小到单手能自如操纵的理念,还有经济方面的考虑到。一位必要理解iPhone项目的人士说明说道,苹果坚决让其手机屏幕维持目前这种4英寸大小取得了规模效益,所以它今年没转变手机尺寸的计划。

One question that remains is how Apple will present the lower-cost iPhone to consumers. While surely aimed at attracting a non-elite clientele, its unclear whether this is a play to attract straying users in its traditional turf, or to target the vast market of first-time smartphone users in developing economies. Either way, Apple has a balancing act of making its products more affordable, while keeping that exclusive luster that draws consumers to the brand in the first place.一个仍然没答案的问题是,苹果将如何向消费者讲解那款成本较低的新iPhone。虽然这款手机认同目的更有那些非精英阶层消费者,但人们不确切的是,苹果发售这种新手机到底是要更有其传统客户群里那些讨厌不断更新手机的人,还是将目标对准了发展中国家首次出售智能手机的可观人群。无论怎样,苹果都必须在以下两个方面之间掌控好均衡:它一方面要让消费者能负担得起自己的产品,另一方面又要维持寄居苹果产品的独有光彩,却是消费者首先正是因为这种光彩才讨厌上苹果品牌的。



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