本文摘要:Cellphone etiquette goes beyond simply keeping your conversations short and voice level to a minimum.手机礼仪某种程度是维持通话的结尾和音量的有助于。


Cellphone etiquette goes beyond simply keeping your conversations short and voice level to a minimum.手机礼仪某种程度是维持通话的结尾和音量的有助于。Being mindful of your phone and of others might seem like the obvious thing to do, but the ubiquity of smartphones has caused some less-than-courteous practices to spring up, says Anthony Scarsella, Gazelle chief gadget officer.“注目自己的手机或者他人的手机都是长时间不过的事情,但现如今智能手机的洪水泛滥使得失礼礼仪的事情大大再次发生”安东尼·斯卡塞拉,Gazelle的首席产品官说道。


1.Avoid Sensitive Topics in Public1.公共场合避免敏感话题The person next to you at the airport really doesnt want to hear about the ups-and-downs of your dating life, and revealing the details of that big business deal in the works could get you fired if its overheard by the wrong person. Either walk to a secluded location or let your caller know youll call back when its possible to talk in private.旁边的人只不过真为不愿听见您跌宕起伏的私生活,若您所谈论的最重要项目的细节问题被不应听见的人听见,丢饭碗的可能性都是有的。觉得要讲,去个隐密的地方或者告诉他对方您不会自由选择适合时机复电的。

2.You Dont Have to Google Everything2.您需要谷歌一切Dont be the person who whips out his or her phone to settle an argument by looking up a disputed fact on Google. While its nice to finally be able to settle barstool debates in real time, avoid the urge to look everything up on your phone.不要沦为一时逢问题就刨手机谷歌的那种人。但凡是最后能动态解决问题的问题,就尽可能不要再行缓着刨手机去搜寻。

3.Stop Pulling Out Your Phone at Social Events3.社交场合不要拿走手机Avoid making calls at the gym, or, better yet, leave your phone in your locker. The same goes for social gathering, including the dinner table. Put your phone on silent and put it away for the duration of the meal.健身房内要防止用于手机或者必要将手机锁进储物柜。社交聚会也一样,还包括聚餐时,要将手机设置静音模式或者用餐期间索性将其摆放一旁。4.Dont Leave a Voicemail4.不要用于语音facebookThese days, no one likes receiving voicemails. The next time you cant reach someone by phone, try the Gentlemans Maneuver: Hang up before the beep and send a text instead, Scarsella says. Chances are youll get a response more quickly.现如今,没有人讨厌收看语音facebook。下次联系不上别人时,学学人家绅士的解决问题小技巧,哔哔声完结前挂断,之后放个信息。


斯卡塞拉如是说。您可能会获得一个较慢的对此哦。5.No More Talking on the Toilet5.避免在卫生间通电话Dont take your phone into the bathroom. A recent Gazelle survey of 1,000 iPhone users revealed that nearly 85% have used their phone while in the bathroom. Not only is this unsanitary and risky for your device, but its also off-putting to callers to hear a telltale echo or a sudden rush of water.不要将手机带入厕所。




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