英国黑科技 手机APP就能买爸爸
本文摘要:A new mobile app has been launched that allows British women to select a sperm donor to father their child.英国发售一款新的手机应用于,让英国女性可以挑选出捐精者以便生育子女。


A new mobile app has been launched that allows British women to select a sperm donor to father their child.英国发售一款新的手机应用于,让英国女性可以挑选出捐精者以便生育子女。London Sperm Bank Donors, nicknamed order a daddy, lets women browse men by a series of characteristics including height, ethnicity and hair colour.“伦敦精子库捐献者”这款应用于又称“采购爸爸”,女性可以通过一系列特征网页男性,还包括体重、种族和头发颜色。The company says it is the first such app of its kind, designed to address the acute shortage of sperm donated in the UK.公司回应这是首款挑选出捐精者的应用于,目的“解决问题英国捐赠精子相当严重缺少的问题”。Much like online dating apps, it also includes a biography of the potential father containing their educational history, job and personality traits.就像网上约会应用于一样,应用于中还不会所列捐精者的个人简介,还包括教育背景、职业和性格。

To obtain a sample, the user must pay via the app, which will allow the sperm to be delivered to a fertility clinic of the womans choice.为了取得精子样品,使用者必需通过应用于缴付,这样精子将被载运到女性自由选择的生育医院。Dr Kamal Ahuja, scientific director of the London Sperm Bank, told the Sunday Times finding a donor will now be as easy as ordering from big retail websites.伦敦精子库的科学主管卡马尔-阿胡亚告诉他《星期日泰晤士报》,自由选择一位捐精者如今就如同在大型零售网站上下单一样非常简单。He said: You make all the transactions online, like you do anything else these days.他说道:“你在网上已完成所有交易,就如同你平时做到的那样。”This allows a woman who wants to get a sperm donor to gain control in the privacy of her own home and to choose and decide in her own time.“这款应用于使想要去找捐精者的女性在自己家里的偷窥环境中,在自己便利的时间就可以做出自由选择。

”But it has been criticised by campaigners, including Josephine Quintaville of Comment on Reproductive ethics, who told the paper: Its digital dads. This is the ultimate denigration of fatherhood.但也有活动人士回应明确提出批评。英国生育伦理宣传机构的约瑟芬昆塔瓦莱告诉他报纸记者:“这是数字爸爸,这种作法是对父亲地位的仅次于丑化”。Women using the app can list the characteristics they most desire in a father and can set up alerts when an appropriate person becomes available.用于这款应用于的女性可以所列最想的捐精者特征,并设置警告,当有适合捐精者经常出现时她们就能接到警告。Among the anonymous donors are lawyers, doctors, engineers and actors.电子邮件捐精者中有律师、医生、工程师和演员。



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