本文摘要:Airbnb is in talks to buy China’s second-largest home accommodation service, according to a person close to the discussions, as the Silicon Valley company deepens its push into China.据一名知情人士透漏,Airbnb正在谈判并购中国第二大民宿短租服务提供商。


Airbnb is in talks to buy China’s second-largest home accommodation service, according to a person close to the discussions, as the Silicon Valley company deepens its push into China.据一名知情人士透漏,Airbnb正在谈判并购中国第二大民宿短租服务提供商。目前这家硅谷企业正在深化转入中国市场的希望。The acquisition of Xiaozhu, if agreed, is poised to be the home-sharing service’s largest deal to date, with the Chinese company last valued at $300m. It comes on the heels of Airbnb’s expansion last week into new travel services such as tours.并购小猪的交易若能达成协议,将沦为民宿短租服务领域目前为止仅次于的交易,因为这家中国公司上一次估值超过3亿美元。上周Airbnb刚发售新的旅行涉及服务,还包括旅游在内。

As the world’s biggest outbound tourist market, China has been a focus for Airbnb, and the company has said it will double its investment there next year.作为世界上仅次于的出境旅游市场,中国仍然是Airbnb的一个重点,该公司回应,明年它在中国的投资将翻一番。In addition to having about 75,000 home listings in China, Airbnb’s strategy so far has been heavily focused on outbound tourists who visit cities in Europe, the US or other parts of Asia.除了在中国有约7.5万间房源外,Airbnb目前为止的战略主要以采访欧洲、美国或亚洲其他地区的城市的出境游客为目标。For Xiaozhu, a deal with Airbnb could help boost its position at a time when China’s home accommodation market, once consisting of half a dozen Airbnb clones, has been rapidly consolidating.对小猪来说,与Airbnb达成协议交易有可能有助提升其地位;中国的民宿短租市场一度有六家Airbnb效仿者,近来则在较慢统合。

The largest company in the market, Tujia, recently bought Chinese travel services provider Ctrip’s vacation rental business, and acquired Mighty Talent, another holiday rental company, through a share swap. Tujia has more than 400,000 listings in China and has raised more than $400m from investors.该市场的仅次于公司途家(Tujia)最近并购了中国旅游服务提供商携程(Ctrip)的渡假短租业务,并通过股份交换方式并购了蚂蚁短租。途家在中国有多达40万间房源,并已从投资者筹措逾4亿美元。


Xiaozhu, which just raised $65m from investors earlier this month in its fifth major fundraising drive, has more than 100,000 listings and close to 10m users. Its backers include Legend Capital, Joy Capital, and Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund. A fundraising round last year valued the company at $300m.小猪在本月早些时候刚展开了第五轮根本性募资,筹措了6500万美元。该公司享有多达10万间房源和近1000万用户。

其支持者还包括误解投资(Legend Capital)、感觉资本(Joy Capital)和贝塔斯曼亚洲投资基金(Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund)。去年的一轮募资对该公司估值3亿美元。While Airbnb has worked hard to accommodate outbound Chinese travellers — such as by integrating Unionpay and Alipay for payments — a deal with Xiaozhu could help it gain more domestic inventory in China. Acquiring a homegrown champion could also help smooth future regulatory challenges.虽然Airbnb早已希望为中国出境游客获取服务——例如拒绝接受银联(Unionpay)和支付宝(Alipay)缴付,但与小猪签订协议可以协助其在中国取得更加多房源。并购一家本土冠军企业也有可能有助消弭未来的监管挑战。

Many prominent tech companies have failed to make it in the Chinese market, either because they deemed the discount-based competition to be too brutal, or due to censorship issues. Earlier this year, Uber sold its entire China business to rival Didi Chuxing, in exchange for a stake in its Chinese rival.许多著名科技公司没能在中国市场关上局面,要么是因为它们指出基于优惠的竞争过分残忍,要么是因为审查问题。今年早些时候,优步(Uber)将整个中国业务出售给了竞争对手滴滴上下班(Didi Chuxing),交换条件了后者的一部分股份。

Airbnb declined to comment on whether the companies were in talks over a deal, which was first reported by the Bloomberg News agency. Xiaozhu could not be reached for comment.Airbnb拒绝接受评论两家公司否在接洽交易,这条消息最初是由彭博新闻社(Bloomberg News)报导的。记者联系不上小猪请求其置评。



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